The Fit Admin Challenge.

Hey Admin’s, can we talk!

We are definitely the BACKBONE of the office!

We give so much at work that when we get home, the tank is empty!

Our Desks are a dumping ground for everyone expecting us to deal with and put out their fires.

While our job requires knowledge of specific tasks, we are also counted on from the mundane,

from answering phones to fixing the copier and unappreciated for how smoothly the office runs!

And what suffers? We do.

While our minds and hands are in overdrive all day, we work in a sedentary environment.

Our only exercise is a walk to the copier or kitchen.

We don’t manage to find time in the day to eat properly so we survive on coffee and whatever is in the office that day, donuts, birthday cake, and more coffee.

While it gives us that initial burst of energy it fades fast and so do we, CRASHED by 3PM and looking for that candy bar to get us through til 5!

I too was like this and I watched my weight spiral out of control, every season having to buy clothes in a bigger size hoping no one would notice.

I started working out with an awesome workout system every morning before work.

YES I am worth getting out of bed 30 minutes earlier to exercise.

I learned how to meal prep and increase my nutrition which helped me avoid those sweets and be prepared when I ate lunch at my desk.

I had a healthy dinner already prepped and ready to go when I got home.

It also have the support and accountability from a great community of likeminded women.

I am still a work in progress and getting stronger every day.

I don’t get that 3PM crash as the combination of a healthy diet, nutrition and daily exercise has given me the energy for both Work and Home.

I am looking for SERIOUS and MOTIVATED women who are ready to invest in themselves, and take control of their health and fitness.

Are YOU ready to become #THE FIT ADMIN?


FITNESS: One full year of all the Beachbody programs online to stream wherever you are. A Netflix of fitness.

These workouts are proven, dance til you drop, improve your MMA skills and even pump iron!

The best part is they are all can be modified to your fitness level.

FOOD: Each program includes a nutrition plan that has been prepared by a team of nutritionists and dietitians.

The container system that allows you to keep your volume of foods under control and help you lose weight!
Your secret weapon, your daily dose of dense nutrition equal to 5 salads in one Shake!

 Zero artificial ingredients and will help fuel you to manage those crazy days in the office.

SUCCESS: This is what makes this different from anything else on the market,SUPPORT AND ACCOUNTABILITY in a positive judge free private group.
One on One support from Me! I am with you to help you achieve your goals. Access to an online community of like-minded admins working towards their goals.

A little help to get started on your journey with a healthy snack list that will help you during your days at the office. Also, tips on how to meal prep for your week!

This group fills up quickly!  I keep my groups small in order to give you the one on one attention you deserve.

Please fill out the form below to reserve a spot!